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Our hand-made wraps are filled with a choice of six curry fillings. All our fillings are served with a crisp salad (tomato and cucumber) and a cooling raita (mint yoghurt). The wraps can be eaten cold or heated (just remove the flow wrap!).

• Chicken Tikka Masala - Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated in spices and a mild masala sauce.

• Chicken Madras - Tender pieces of chicken marinated in a spicy madras sauce.

• Chicken Saag - Pieces of boneless chicken breast cooked with spinach, and a fresh mint chutney.

• Daal and Onion Bhaji - Spiced lentils with onion bhaji (suitable for vegetarians).

• Bombay Potato - Succulent potatoes cooked with spices and garnished with coriander (suitable for vegetarians).

• Vegetable Samosa - Potatoes, with peas, onions and chillies cooked with spices (suitable for vegetarians).


Our delicious range snacks are perfect for a lunchtime treat or an afternoon snack.

• Large Chicken Tikka Samosa
• Bhaji Selection Snack Pack with a Mango Chutney
• Aloo Tikkis Snack Pack with a Tomato Dip

Chutneys and Dips

Three chutneys and dips - perfect to accompany a side/main dish or snack.

• Mango Chutney
- succulent and sweet with a spicy kick.
• Red Hot Chilli Dip - made with chillies to create a fiery dip.
• Mint Chutney - a fresh mint chutney with a unique coconut twist.

Our Manufacturers

Our wrap products are produced exclusively by The Sandwich Factory, part of the Cranswick Food Group.

Our snack products are produced exclusively by Gazebo Fine Foods Ltd.